There are all sorts of advantages to working with a buyer’s agent. Here’s a list of 12 of the biggest reasons why working with a buyer’s agent can make all the difference.  

  1. Full attention is given to the buyer’s needs.
  2. The buyer can talk freely to his/her buyer’s agent and everything said is held in confidence.
  3. The first opportunity to view new a listing is always given to those clients with a signed Buyer Agency Agreement.
  4. A buyer’s specialist can give advice and facts to assist the buyer in making and objective evaluation of the property.
  5. The buyer will be educated about competing and closed properties.
  6. The buyer’s specialist will develop and execute negotiation strategies on behalf of the buyer.
  7. The buyer’s specialist will provide price counseling based on all recent sales data.
  8. The buyer’s specialist will ensure the contract includes buyer protective clauses.
  9. Financing alternatives will be suggested that have the buyer’s best interest in mind.
  10. Even during price negotiations, the buyer’s specialist will continue to search for other appropriate for the buyer in order to enhance the buyer’s negotiating position.
  11. The buyer’s specialist will share all information about the seller with the buyer. Any information that would enhance the buyer’s position must be disclosed.
  12. The buyer’s specialist is available to assist the buyer after closing.

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